​At Barking Mountain Pet Styles, we provide grooming services for dogs under 40 lbs., and offer a variety of services to suit each pet’s lifestyle.  Our bathing/grooming packages are available at two levels - Full Service Bath and Full Grooming, with add-on services available at both levels.  Outside of our bathing/grooming packages, a la carte services may be booked as well for dogs of all sizes, and all appointments include our “Snout to Tail” wellness check and a small bag of all natural, grain-free treats!

In-Home Consultation:  Barking Mountain Pet Styles requires an in-home consultation prior to booking grooming appointments for new clients.  By doing this, we help to guarantee that your pet’s first grooming with us is just what you’re looking for, and is tailored to your pet’s needs!  Consultations are scheduled as 30 minute blocks, during which we like to spend some fun time with your pet, discuss their groom style, go over Barking Mountain Pet Style policies, and assess the proposed grooming area.  Because a consultation blocks out an hour of our time (30 minute consultation + travel time), we appreciate as much notice as possible if you have to cancel/reschedule your consultation.  If you have any questions, please contact us for more information!

Full Service BathBecause your pet’s comfort is our # 1 priority, our Full Service Bath package automatically includes any services that your pet may require to be comfortable.  We start with a double bath and conditioning treatment, using natural products customized to your pet’s specific skin and coat needs.  We provide gentle hand drying, light coat brushing/deshedding, nail filing, paw pad/sanitary area trimming, and we also clear hair away from your pet’s eyes, trim around their feet and fanny, clean their ears, and brush their teeth.

Full GroomingOur Full Grooming package adds to the Full Service Bath a full body haircut to breed standard or your specifications. 

All Bath/Grooming appointments also include a complimentary spritz of cologne and bows or a bandanna at owner discretion!

Grooming Package Pricing: Our starting prices are based on breed and are rough estimates, considering the average amount of time, labor, and skill required to groom that breed.  Each dog and every haircut is different, which means that we are unable to give a true estimate before meeting your pet.  Pet size, coat length and condition, specialty styling requests, and pet temperament and grooming behavior are all important factors when determining groom price.  Because house call pet grooming is a luxury service that brings the entire grooming salon into the comfort of your home and takes the mess with us when we leave, our prices are higher than those found in most salons.  Our clients find that the exceptional quality, convenience, and peace of mind of one-on-one, in-home service with the same groomer each time is worth the difference!  Full Service Bath packages start around $60-$65 for coated toy breeds, and pricing increases depending on the pet.  Full Grooming packages start around $75-$85 for coated toy breeds, and pricing increases depending on the pet.


Add-on Services

Add-on services are available with any bath/groom packages – just ask for them when booking your pet’s appointment (some add-on services may be requested on the day of your pet’s appointment, while other services require advanced notice).

Deshedding Package - Advanced notice required, $15-$30
Hand stripping - Advanced notice required, $1 per minute
Hot Oil Bath - No notice needed, $8-$20     
Foot Soak - No notice needed, $8
Plum Facial Scrub - No notice needed, $5-$10

Temporary Color - Advanced notice required, $8+ 
Nails Painted - Advanced notice required, $8-$14
Deluxe Pawdicure(Foot Soak & Nails Painted)- Advanced notice required, $14-$20

Shaved face/feet on non-Poodle breeds - No notice needed, $5-$10

                                A la Carte Services (no weight limit)

A la carte appointments are reserved in half-hour blocks, and there is a $20 base fee for each block.  This means that if you book an a la carte appointment and we are at your home for 30-45 minutes, you will be charged for 1 & 1/2 blocks ($30), and charged for 2 blocks ($40) for 45-60 minutes.  These charges are for the time reserved only, and individual service charges will be applied in addition. 

For example:  You book an a la carte appointment for nail filing and a sanitary trim for each of your two small dogs.  Assuming good behavior with both pets, your appointment cost will break down as follows:          

                        A la carte appointment at half-hour or less:               $20
                        Small dog nail filing @ $10 (x2):                             $20
                        Sanitary trim @ $5 (x2):                                        $10
                        Total Service Charge:                                             $50

Pad trimming: $7     

Tooth brushing: $6

Sanitary area trimming: $5-$8    

Face trimming: $7-$10 (eyes & visor)    

Coat brush/blow out: $1 per minute

Nail filing: Toy - $8, Small - $10, Med. - $12, Lg - $14, XL - $16+     

Nail filing and painting: Toy - $15, Small - $18, Med. - $20, Lg - $22, XL - $25+

Our Service Packages Explained:

There's no such thing as "just a bath"!