​​​​​​** Please read through both the General policies and "Comfort is Key" policies.  All new clients will be required to fill out a New Client form, and to sign a General Policy form during the In-Home Consultation.  Depending on the pet, clients may also be required to read and sign a Senior/Disabled Pet, a Matted Coat, or a Double Coat Shave-down waiver. **

Barking Mountain Pet Styles provides grooming services for dogs weighing under 40 lbs.; every pet is important to us, and their comfort and safety is our foremost concern.  These policies have been put into place to ensure that each pet's grooming is as pleasant as possible.  Barking Mountain Pet Styles appreciates your care and understanding!

​                                        General Policy


                   Appointment Times, Cancellations, and Rescheduling

Due to high demand and full schedules, pre-booking is required for all pets receiving Full Grooming or Full Service Baths.  BMPS strongly recommends booking in 6 or 12-month blocks, as we cannot guarantee appointment availability for “next appointment” booking.  All pets receiving haircuts must be scheduled with no more than 8 weeks between appointments; we recommend booking on a 4-6 week schedule, so there may be ample “wiggle room” in case of rescheduling needs.  Some pets may, due to coat type or grooming behavior, be required to maintain a schedule of no more than 6 weeks between appointments.  BMPS is happy to offer service referrals to households that might require a more flexible schedule. 

Because house call service comes with many variables, your pet’s appointment time will be set within a one-hour range.  This means that if your appointment time is 1:30, we may arrive as early as 1 o’clock, or as late as 2.  We will always aim to arrive as close to the set appointment time as possible, but we will never rush a pet and compromise safety for the sake of keeping a schedule.  Average appointments for single pet households are between 1 ½ and 3 hours in length, including set up and clean up.

We understand that plans and schedules change, and if you must reschedule an appointment due to a non-emergency, we request at least 48 hours notice.  Our schedules are often set weeks in advance, and a last-minute cancellation means a missed appointment for your pet, a missed chance for someone else’s pet to be groomed, and lost revenue for us.  To avoid missed appointment fees, please contact BMPS as soon as you’re aware of a scheduling conflict.  Appointments cancelled or rescheduled less than 48 hours prior to the set date & time may be charged 50% of the pet’s average groom cost.  Appointments cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours prior to the set date & time may be charged 100% of the pet’s average groom cost.  Payment for missed appointments may be made by credit/debit card over the phone, or in cash.  Failure to remit payment within 48 hours of a missed appointment may result in the cancellation of any/all pre-booked future appointments.

                             Inclement Weather / Illness​ / Emergency

Barking Mountain Pet Styles, LLC reserves the right to reschedule appointments due to inclement weather and/or unsafe travel conditions, or illness/emergency.  We will make every effort to notify you as soon as we determine that we must reschedule your pet’s appointment.  Due to our area’s variable road conditions and weather patterns, we may choose to reschedule your pet’s appointment even if your specific neighborhood roads aren’t hazardous.  We do not take the decision to reschedule appointments lightly, and if we must reschedule your pet’s appointment due to weather/illness/emergency, it will take high priority.  We make these scheduling decisions with everyone’s safety in mind, and we appreciate your understanding.

                                        During the Groom

While grooming your pet, we ask that the surrounding environment be calm, and that through traffic be limited as much as possible.  Too much excitement or stimulation for your pet can make it difficult or even unsafe for us to groom them, and if your pet becomes overly excited we may have to take extra time to allow your pet to calm down before continuing the groom, which may add to your pet's groom cost.  If you'd like, you are welcome to stay in the room or within earshot while we work, but we prefer that you do not address your pet while they are on the grooming table.  If grooming is being done outdoors, we require a closed in porch, fenced in yard, or the space to set up a pop-up fence for your pet’s safety.

                                Vaccines/Parasites/Intact pets

Barking Mountain Pet Styles requires that all pets being groomed be current on their rabies vaccine.  Proof of vaccination from your vet/vaccination clinic is required to book an appointment (rabies tags do not count as proof of vaccination).  Because vaccines may cause soreness at injection sites and other side effects, we ask that pets be vaccinated at least 48 hours prior to their scheduled appointment.

We recommend that your pet be current on a flea and tick preventative.  If we discover fleas on your pet, they will automatically receive a medicated flea bath (an additional $10-$20, depending on pet size and coat length).  Due to the health hazards present in flea-infested environments, we cannot serve pets that are flea infested.  If your pet and/or home is infested, we require notification at least 48 hours prior to your pet’s appointment so that we may reschedule, and we recommend treatment by your veterinarian and treatment of your house.  

Barking Mountain Pet Styles prefers to not groom female pets in heat, and a $10 handling/clean-up fee may be added should we find that your intact female is in heat.  Intact males may incur a handling fee should they display behavior during grooming that requires extra time or technique to work around.

                  Travel and Specialty Service / Overweight Pet Fees

Travel within 15 minutes of drive time from our starting location is included in our base service costs.  Additional travel time means less space in our schedule to book appointments; households outside of the included travel radius will have $1 per minute of extra travel added to the total service cost (households with multiple pets will be charged ONE travel fee).  To get a rough estimate of your household’s travel fee using GPS/maps, plug in Prestige Subaru as the “starting point”.
EX: If a home is 20 minutes from our starting point, the travel fee will be billed at $5.
Specialty Service fees (for services including, but not limited to: specialty/fully hand scissored styling requests, medicated and/or flea baths, dematting or excessive deshedding, specialty handling requirements due to grooming behavior) will be applied to all applicable pet’s service costs.  Fees begin at $5+ for medicated baths, $1 per minute for specialty styling requests/dematting/excessive deshedding, and $5+ for specialty handling, and may adjust up depending on the individual pet. Even if under our 40-lb. weight limit, working with overweight pets is especially labor intensive.  It takes more time, physical labor, and handling skill than average, and can lead to extended appointment times and excessive physical strain on both your pet and our groomer.  Overweight pets may be charged specialty handling fees, starting at $3 and ranging upward based on each pet’s size, physical capability, and handling requirements.


Payment is accepted via cash or credit/debit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover), and is due in full when services are rendered.  Barking Mountain Pet Styles is proud to use Clover Pay to accept card payments - this is the same card service used by large-scale retailers nationwide, and you can be sure that your card and your payment information are secure!  Barking Mountain Pet Styles does not accept checks.


Every effort will be made to provide your pet with the groom style you're looking for!  We always strive to get as much detail about your goals as possible before your pet's scheduled groom, and aim to always communicate clearly with you exactly what we will be able to accomplish.  This way, we can be sure to provide you and your pet with the best possible service.  If there are adjustments you would like us to make to your pet's groom we appreciate being given the opportunity to provide those adjustments before we leave your home.  We will also be happy to return to your home for small adjustments at no charge, up to 48 hours after your pet's groom (assuming your pet has maintained a clean coat).  Beyond the 48 hour window we must consider the maintenance of our equipment, and may require a Full Service Bath appointment to make grooming adjustments.  Any adjustments requested one week or more past the initial appointment must be scheduled as new Full Grooming appointments.  Barking Mountain Pet Styles, LLC does not issue refunds for services provided.

                                "Comfort is Key" Policy

Any owner with a pet that falls into one of the following categories will be advised of such, with verbal notification and/or a waiver prior to grooming, or a Pup Report Card presented after grooming.

​                                                      Puppies and First-Groom Pets

Puppies under 9 months of age and all first-groom pets may receive a Full Service Bath or Bath n’ Tidy prior to scheduling a Full Grooming.  This helps acclimate pets to the grooming process without over stressing them or endangering them by pushing for more than they can yet handle.  For Poodle or Poodle mixes, we will attempt a clean face and clean feet at the owner’s request, but we will not guarantee them.

Senior or Disabled Pets

Pets of advanced age or pets with previous injury or disability are at greater risk of injury during the grooming process.  Grooming these pets often requires extra handling and physical labor, and may put excessive physical strain on the pet.  Depending on the individual pet there may be an additional $4 - $10 handling fee, and we may insist that a senior or disabled pet be limited to a groom style that, while not the owner’s ideal groom, is a groom that the pet can comfortably and safely handle.  Pets who present as extreme cases may be referred to a vet for grooming, so that their health may be more closely monitored during the grooming process, and they may immediately receive any medical attention they might require.  For these reasons owners will be required to read and sign a “Senior / Disabled Pet” waiver prior to grooming. 

Stressed Pets

Pets who are overly stressed or upset by the grooming process may be scheduled for rehabilitative grooms (non-invasive “Bath n’ Tidy”, no clean faces or clean feet), at 2-4 week intervals.  The more frequently a pet experiences positive grooming, the more likely they are to accept it comfortably and safely.  If after 6 months of rehab grooming there is no noticeable improvement, these pets may either stay at “Bath n’ Tidy” grooms, or be referred to a vet for sedated grooming. 

Aggressive Pets

Due to the inherent risks involved in grooming aggressive pets, there may be a $5 - $15 handling fee added to an aggressive pet’s groom cost.  These pets may be limited to “Bath n’ Tidy” grooms, for their safety and the safety of the groomer.  Depending on the level of aggression, they may also be referred to a vet for sedated grooming. 

Matted Pets

Barking Mountain Pet Styles will not manually demat heavily matted coats - this is irritating, uncomfortable, or even painful for the pet, and leaves the remaining coat damaged and more prone to matting in the future.  Coats that are heavily matted will be humanely clipped short for the pet's comfort and safety, and may incur a "matted shave-down" fee.  Light dematting may be provided, at a rate of $1 per minute of labor.  Pets presenting with matted, tangled, or packed coats are at greater risk of injury during the grooming process.  There is no guarantee of finished coat length when grooming a matted pet.  Grooming for these pets can put stress on the pet, and will take extra time and cause excessive wear to equipment.  For these reasons, owners will be required to read and sign a Matted Pet waiver prior to grooming.