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                          Booking Your Pet's First Appointment

When you're ready to book your pet's first appointment with Barking Mountain Pet Styles, give us a call!  Our first step is to set up an In-Home Consultation, during which we'll schedule your pet's grooming appointment.  Our consultation is a 30-minute meeting at your home, and we prefer to schedule your pet's first grooming appointment no more than 2 weeks later.  We do this for many reasons, the first being the comfort of your pet!  When we come into your home to groom your pet, we want them to recognize us and remember a positive meeting, not see us as strangers intruding into their safe space!  The consultation helps your pet to be comfortable with us and with the grooming process.  During the consultation we’ll also check the proposed grooming area and confirm it’s function, discuss your pet’s grooming needs and the groom style you envision for them, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and complete initial paperwork.  This way when groom day arrives, time isn’t wasted taking care of these necessities, and our only focus is your pet.  

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