How Barking Mountain Pet Styles protects your pet!
Barking Mountain Pet Styles takes pride in offering high quality service, and we couldn’t achieve those high standards without top of the line products and equipment! Scroll down to read about our natural product selection, high quality tools and equipment, our safety training, and our "Snout to Tail" wellness assessment!

                              All natural is all-important!
At Barking Mountain Pet Styles, we know that a quality clean and soothing soak can be achieved for every pet without resorting to irritating, caustic, or even toxic chemicals.  We use only all natural shampoos, conditioners, coat rinses, and coat/scent sprays, choosing from a wide selection of professional level products.  We are proud to use products by Nature’s Specialties, Bio-Groom, Show Season Naturals, EnviroGroom, EarthBath, and Groomer’s Edge: we’ve been using every product in our aresenal for years, and we’ve seen great success with all skin and coat types!  We offer hypoallergenic product options for pets with known allergies and/or sensitive skin, and also have soothing medicinal soaks for pets with preexisting irritations or skin conditions. 

* If someone in your home has nut allergies, please let us know when booking your consultation and/or appointment so that we may make appropriate product selections for your pet! *

​                                      Dental Care
Barking Mountain Pet Styles is proud to offer effective dental care for your pet, using high quality pet oral hygiene products!  Our tooth brushing service is included with every bath/groom package, is available as an A la Carte option, and includes three steps.  First, we use a vet recommended enzymatic toothpaste and gently brush your pet’s teeth and gums.  Next, we soak a cotton ball with an enzymatic oral rinse, and wipe your pet’s teeth and gums, helping to remove any particles loosened during brushing.  Finally, we use that same rinse as a spray, helping to reach all corners of your pet’s mouth!  While no oral hygiene regimen replaces the need for annual dental check-ups with your vet, this process will aid in a positive check-up each time!

                  High quality tools make the difference!
After years of experience grooming all types of dogs, our groomer has gathered together the highest quality tools and equipment to perfect every pet’s style!  During the bath, we may use a re-circulating system to bathe your pet to his or her cleanest clean, and we’re able to scrub down to the skin and aid in coat removal by using select hand-held tools and techniques.  We dry your pet using a professional high velocity dryer with optional heat settings, including a "no heat" setting, so there is no overheating or burn risk for your pet.  Our dryer pulls low amps for its output, so you don’t have to worry about it overloading your breakers!  Our hand-held tools (including multiple clippers, blades, guide combs, shears, brushes, and combs) are all of the highest quality, and are regularly cleaned and serviced to make sure that they are sanitary and working to their full potential!  We use a grooming table with adjustable height and textured surface, to keep your pet comfortable, and we use safety loops while grooming your pet to prevent accidental falls.  We even offer supportive waistbands for dogs that have trouble standing due to injury or infirmity!  

                     Safety training with your pet in mind!
Barking Mountain Pet Styles is proud to say that our groomer is certified in Pet CPR/First Aid through PetTech.  Trained to spot health and safety concerns before and during the grooming process, you can be sure that your pet is in good hands!  After years of experience in both high and low volume grooming salons, we always work with safety and prevention in mind, but we also know that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.  We’re trained to react immediately to prevent discomfort or further injury, and will always put your pet’s health and safety first.  If we believe that a certain style or groom is too much for your pet to safely handle, or if your pet is experiencing potentially hazardous stress levels during the grooming process, we will always adjust or stop the groom immediately and bring it to your attention.  

Our Snout to Tail Wellness Assessment
Every appointment includes our complimentary “Snout to Tail” wellness assessment!  Before and during the bath/groom, we check your pet from nose to toes, and to the tip of their tail for any abnormalities. We record anything of note on one of our Pup Report Cards for your reference.  While this service is not a substitute for regular vet check-ups or necessary medical care, it can serve to alert you to changes in your pet that you may not have noticed.  These changes can include subtle weight gain or loss, lumps, bumps, tenderness, discharge, or changes to your pet's eyes or ears.  Often, your pet’s groomer sees your pet 6 to 8 times more frequently than their vet, and may be able to catch something that needs a vet’s attention before it gets out of hand! 





Natural Products, Quality Equipment, and Safety Training