Is House Call Grooming for You?

Today’s pet parents have a wide variety of grooming choices available to them, and there’s a perfect option for every family!  House call grooming is a great choice for many discerning pet parents, but it may not be for everyone.  Check out some of these great reasons to chose Barking Mountain Pet Styles for your pet’s grooming needs, and see if house call grooming sounds right for you!

* Barking Mountain Pet Styles provides full service for pets under 40 lbs., even with our basic bath packages.  Your pet will get everything they need, and you don’t have to remember to ask for it at each appointment!

* Set up standing appointments or pre-book your pet’s next appointment!  Keeping your pet on a regular grooming schedule has never been easier, and Barking Mountain Pet Styles will even remind you of your pet’s upcoming appointment via email!

* House call grooming is a great option for active families, as the groomer comes to you - no more loading all of the kids and Fluffy into the car, driving to the grooming salon and back, just to turn around in a couple of hours to pick Fluffy up! 

* Barking Mountain Pet Styles has lots of experience working with senior or disabled pets that may not be getting the close, gentle attention and care they need at a busy grooming salon!

* Pets with low/weak immune systems can be safely groomed without ever leaving their homes - no mingling with other, unknown animals!

* Anxious or nervous pets, or pets that are fearful of travel, crates, etc. have a much easier time being groomed by Barking Mountain Pet Styles in the comfort and security of their own homes!

* Peace of mind comes with knowing who’s grooming your dog every time, and with Barking Mountain Pet Styles it’s always the same groomer!  We get to know you AND your pet, and we’ll always care for them like they were our own. 

Some pets that may not be well suited to house call grooming are those that weigh in excess of 40 lbs, pets who require an extra helper to ensure a safe grooming experience, or pets who are not on a regular grooming schedule.  (Barking Mountain Pet Styles requests that pets getting haircuts be on an 8 week or less grooming schedule to ensure a predictable amount of time for each appointment.)