Frequently Asked Questions

"What is House Call Grooming?  Is it like mobile grooming?"
House call pet grooming is a luxury service provided by Barking Mountain Pet Styles.  Unlike mobile grooming, where a groomer provides all services within their own van or trailer, Barking Mountain Pet Styles brings the salon into your home, usually setting up in a large bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. 

"What is an in-home consultation, and why does Barking Mountain Pet Styles require one before scheduling a grooming appointment?"
Because house call grooming is a luxury, tailored experience for each pet, Barking Mountain Pet Styles requires an in-home consultation prior to scheduling a grooming service.  Consultations are 30-minute meetings at your home, and we prefer to schedule your first grooming appointment no more than 2-3 weeks later.  We do this for many reasons, the first being the comfort of your pet!  When we come into your home to groom your pet, we want them to recognize us and remember a positive meeting, not see us as strangers intruding into their safe space!  The consultation helps your pet to be comfortable with us and with the grooming process.  During the consultation we’ll also check the proposed grooming area and confirm its function, discuss your pet’s grooming needs and the groom style you envision for them, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and complete initial paperwork.  This way when groom day arrives, time isn’t wasted taking care of these necessities, and our only focus is your pet.  

"What do you need from me to be able to groom my dog?"
Barking Mountain Pet Styles comes to your home with all of the tools and equipment we might require to provide your pet with a full-service groom.  The only things we need from you are an accessible work area to set up our grooming table and equipment (generally a 3’x5’ space will do), a grounded power outlet that can run up to 13 amps, and the use of a tub, large kitchen sink, or utility sink for bathing.

"Does Barking Mountain Pet Styles service apartment or town home clients?"
Perhaps, on a case-by-case basis.  Because our equipment can be heavy and bulky, bringing it into your home can be labor intensive.  We may not be able to serve clients living in upstairs apartments or town homes not equipped with elevators.  Depending on the pet, we may be able to customize an appointment that limits what we have to carry, and can make a definite determination after the required in-home consultation. 

"Can you groom my larger dog, too?"
Due to the limitations of house call grooming equipment, and for the health and safety of our groomer and the pets we work with, Barking Mountain Pet Styles is no longer taking on pets that weigh over 40 lbs.  While we’ve loved working with the “big kids”, we can no longer ignore the wear and tear to our bodies that comes with working with larger breeds.  We’re happy to offer referrals to area salons and individual groomers who we feel would be able to best accommodate the needs of these larger pups!  We will continue to offer A la Carte services for large breeds, assuming good behavior and no specialty handling requirements.  

"Do you clean up after the groom?"
Yes!  At Barking Mountain Pet Styles, we like to tell people that the only way you know we’ve been there is by the happy, beautiful dog running around your home!  We clean out the tub or sink after use, lay down a drop cloth if working on carpeted floors, and bring our own vacuum.  Often times, the floors where we worked are cleaner when we leave that when we arrived!  If your pet is a double-coated or shedding breed, we ask that you remove clutter or knick-knacks from the area prior to our arrival so that we may easily vacuum all surfaces before leaving.  You may find some hair under or behind furniture/fixtures after we’ve dried your pet, and during warm weather we may elect to dry your shedding pet outside if possible. 

"Can you groom my dog outside?"
During dry, comfortable, and safe weather conditions (at/above 65° F - at/below 75° F) we can groom your pet outside (with 24 hours advanced notice) provided you have the following:

            - A fully fenced in yard, securely enclosed porch, or flat area large enough for us to set up our “pop-up” fencing.  This is for the safety of your pet – we will not groom your pet without proper containment.  Due to space limitations, we do not travel with our fencing unless we will need it, so please let us know beforehand if you’d like your pet groomed outdoors.

            - A heavy-duty extension cord and/or grounded outdoor power outlets.

When grooming outdoors, we do still use warm water from your indoor tap to comfortably bathe your pet.  Due to the additional risks of outdoor grooming, including but not limited to more and unpredictable distractions to your pet, a secondary waiver may be required before service is provided.

"How much will house call service for my pet cost?"
It varies!  Each dog and every haircut is different, which means that we are unable to give a true estimate before meeting your pet.  Our starting prices are based on breed and are rough estimates, considering the average amount of time, labor, and skill needed to groom that breed.  Pet size, coat length and condition, specialty styling requests, and pet temperament and grooming behavior are all important factors when determining groom price.  Because house call pet grooming is a luxury service that brings the entire grooming salon into the comfort of your home and takes the mess with us when we leave, our prices are higher than those found in most salons.  Our starting prices for Full Service Bath packages are around $60-$65 for small breeds.  Our clients find that the exceptional quality, convenience, and peace of mind of one-on-one, in-home service with the same groomer each time is worth the difference! 

"What services are included with an appointment?"
Appointments can be booked for varying service packages.  For a breakdown of our different packages, click here!

"Can I book an appointment for just A la Carte services?"
Yes! Click here and scroll down to "A la Carte Services" for information about booking a la carte appointments.

"What types of shampoos/conditioners will you be using on my pet?"
At Barking Mountain Pet Styles, we care for your pet like one of our own.  This means that we only use products we’re comfortable using regularly on our own pets, and we opt for the natural choice at every opportunity.  For more information about our products, equipment, and safety training, click here!

"Your Facebook page mentions kennel grooming services at Airport Kennel Company (AKC).  Can I schedule Barking Mountain Pet Styles appointments for my pet at this location?"

​Barking Mountain Pet Styles did provide grooming services for pets boarding with AKC through December of 2017, though we elected to allow our service contract with AKC to expire at the end of that year so that we could best care for our house call clientele.  At this time and moving forward, Barking Mountain Pet Styles provides all services within each pet's home.    

"How do I get more information or book a consultation?"
If you’ve looked over our website and you’d like more information, please call or email us at:
                             Barking Mountain Pet Styles: (828) 713-8357

You can also click here to email us directly from the web page!

When leaving a voicemail please include your first and last name, your breed of dog, your zip code, and the best number to reach you.

We make every attempt to return all voicemails/emails within 24 hours, or for calls received over the weekend, by the end of our next business day.  We do not return missed calls without a voicemail.