Continuing Education:

We aim to stay ahead of the pack!

Barking Mountain Pet Styles, LLC owner/groomer Rachel Mongno, attending

Groom South 2015, Gatlinburg TN

Barking Mountain Pet Styles, LLC owner/groomer Rachel Mongno (pictured on the right with Barbara Bird, seminar instructor) attending educational seminars at The Atlanta Pet Fair and Conference 2016, Atlanta GA

The “FurEver Home Rescue Challenge” category focused on a groomer’s ability to meet a pet, assess possible groom styles based on coat, temperament, and pet life style, and provide the best possible groom for that pet.  Carolina Poodle Rescue provided the dogs that were being groomed in this competition, and competing groomers did not meet their randomly assigned dogs until the competition began.  Rachel groomed Tali, a Yorkshire Terrier with scarring, a skin condition, and an uneven coat.  Tali proved to be a great dog, overcoming her initial fear of the process quickly – by the end of the competition she was falling asleep in Rachel’s hands! 

​Barking Mountain Pet Styles, LLC owner/groomer Rachel Mongno, attending the 2016 Professional Grooming Rally in Raleigh NC.  

Rachel with Tali and

competition judge Anna Hawks.

Competition Grooming

Toby poses with the trophy.

The “Asian Obsession” category focused on styling a pet in the new Asian Fusion trend that has swept the industry.  This style focuses on a short coat length on the body, with longer plumes, bells, or feathering on the legs.  Also characteristic of this style is the “stuffed animal” face – rounded ears, wide eyes, and rounded muzzles often accompany this look.  Toby, a local Shih Tzu / Poodle mix, was Rachel’s model (Thanks to Toby’s mom Robin, for allowing us to travel with him!)

Rachel and Tali in the competition ring.

At Barking Mountain Pet Styles we understand that the world of pet grooming is always evolving!  Every year sees more efficient equipment, new products, and original styles, and our goal is to stay in the creative loop.  We attend national trade shows and educational seminars annually, expanding our knowledge and picking up cutting edge techniques, tips, and tricks from industry professionals, bringing those skills back to Asheville and to area pets.  We also network with pet professionals locally and across the globe, including trainers, veterinarians, and other groomers, so that we may be more informed and better equipped to care for your pets!

Barking Mountain Pet Styles owner/groomer Rachel Mongno took part in the 2016 Professional Grooming Rally’s “Asian Obsession” and "FurEver Home Rescue Challenge” grooming competitions.  This was Rachel’s first experience in competition grooming, and she was thrilled to earn 3rd place in both categories! 

Rachel and Toby in the competition ring.