Barking Mountain Pet Styles knows that it's the support of the community around us that allows us to thrive.  We're able to give back to that community in many ways, thanks to our caring and supportive clients!  By choosing Barking Mountain Pet Styles for your dog's grooming needs, you're helping area pets in need, too - read below to find out how!

Reduced Cost Grooming

For many dogs grooming is a necessity, not a luxury, and some households in the area simply can't afford the cost of keeping up with their pet's coat!  Barking Mountain Pet Styles provides "Comfort Grooming" at reduced cost to the residents of Asheville Terrace, an affordable housing complex in East Asheville that rents to senior and disabled residents.  Many of these residents are unable to easily transport their pets to and from a grooming salon, but can't afford the usual cost of house call grooming services.  By providing these reduced-cost services, we are able to ensure that the beloved pets of these residents are clean, cute, and most importantly, comfortable! 

Volunteer Grooming for Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue

Barking Mountain Pet Styles works to help pets recently rescued - we network with Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue (CAAR), and are available for both emergency and maintenance grooming for pets in their care.  Some pets may come in to the rescue covered in mats, with extensive overgrowth of coat and nails, or just in need of a high-quality bath to help them look and feel their best.  Professional grooming services for these animals can be a life saver, helping potential adopters see these pets for the beautiful pups they are!  Check out some of the foster pets we've helped clean up recently, pictured below, and for more information about CAAR, click here!   

We're Giving Back to the Community That Supports Us!